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In addition the lack of automated attendance system in the School of Computer Sciences especially in our lecture halls is our main motivation undesigning this prototype.
30) Because Astell assumes that her female readers know they should avoid rakes, she emphasizes that women must take even "greater caution the more humble and undesigning a man appears" because, in a patrilineal society, marriage inevitably turns women into slaves and men into tyrants.
While aware that Munro herself is neither naive nor undesigning in maintaining her distance from any organized cultural pressures of feminism, social empowerment, literary market forces, and nationalism, McCaig argues for the measurable consequences of these kinds of pervasive pressures.
While he is conducting a process of the most uncommon philosophical research, and is watching every change and motion of the machine, he is to seem in the utmost degree frank, simple, ignorant and undesigning.
He describes her as a "highly gifted and sensible novelist," and claims that the "praise-worthy object of Miss Austen, in all her works was to advocate the superiority of sound principles, unsophisticated manners, and undesigning rectitude, to more splendid and artificial pretensions" (44).
Letters of business or gallantry seem in fact to have been the large part of Fielding's output, for (as he continues) an undesigning familiar letter was a rare favour indeed: 'I can never give Man or Woman with whom I have no Business (which the Satisfaction of Lust may well be called) a more certain Token of a violent Affection than by writing to them, an Exercise which .