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Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente said the BI turned back 9,738 foreigners from the Philippines' ports of entry last year in a bid to thwart the entry of undesirable or fugitive aliens.
Men who have swam in the Forty Foot for many years know some of these undesirables to see, and they keep an eye on them.
In a genuine democracy the interests of the majority would be protected against the small minority of undesirable kleptocrats who dominate the world economy and from the corrupt state systems which keep those undesirables in power through wars and repression.
Plenty of time on their hands, Mr Mountford, all while the rest of us (or undesirables as you call us) are actually having to work for our living.
Instead of hailing this relaxation of the Cuban Curtain and welcoming the refugees, Castro was denounced for 'dumping' undesirables, prisoners, and mental patients upon us, and the U.
Ian McKinna says without these firms undesirables would find it harder to prosper IN REFERENCE to Peter Savill's column (August 10), with regard to betting exchanges, I fail to see their claim that they assist racing's regulators in making the sport more transparent, thereby helping to protect its integrity.
Access would be gained from a rear alleyway away from commercial frontages and I am not persuaded that the proposed activity would lead to any gathering of undesirables.
What's more, these undesirables don't look very different, biochemically, from most of the normal molecules white cells encounter in the blood.
In "Magic," a piece about Earvin Johnson's contraction of HIV, he writes: "The virus was doing what I believed it was meant to do - destroy the Black people, the Black men, the intravenous drug users and gays, and anyone who is among the undesirables, but most especially the Black men.
The Internet is a wonderful tool but it's also a means by which undesirables can prey upon vulnerable children and steal vital family information such as credit card numbers," said Lori Radun, CEC, certified life coach and president of True To You Life Coaching.
Marc Red Marinas, acting BI port operations division chief, said those barred entry included those on their blacklist of undesirables such as fugitives, suspected terrorists, and convicted sex offenders.
But drivers' union boss Vincent Kearns warned: "We have reached an all-time low with the calibre of people being allowed in and though an awful lot are decent, some undesirables have got in.