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undesirably large, or its reduction will be secured
However, the comparison blade device elevated the intraocular pressure to an undesirably high level, more than ten times normal.
Thus, the applicator is often undesirably exposed to bacteria and/or other hazardous chemical substances when using such products.
However, they saw an undesirably weaker economic performance as being about equally likely, and in their view this balance in the risks to the outlook called for the adoption of a symmetric directive.
Given the current market price for shares of MPS, a spin-off of the Information Technology division, which would create two separate companies trading at undesirably low market prices, is not in the best interests of our shareholders.
It is possible for the tack to be undesirably high, for instance in the fabrication of tires (ref.
And while inflation remained undesirably high, the pace was lower than many analysts--and, indeed, most members of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)--had predicted, in part because of the continuing diminution in longer-range inflation expectations.
Approximately half of American adults have undesirably high serum cholesterol levels.
ISLAMABAD -- Health experts on Monday said that complementary feeding rates are undesirably low in Pakistan as compared to other countries of the region.
The latest information on prices and wages was cited as encouraging, possibly indicating that the underlying rate of inflation might be leveling out, although it was still undesirably high.
Solid state lasers produce light at precise frequencies, thereby eliminating the color "crosstalk" inherent in CRT based recorders (where trying to write just one color undesirably writes other colors too).
announced today the signing of the final agreements on the licensing of Cholestagel(R) (colesevelam hydrochloride) for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia, characterized by undesirably high blood cholesterol levels, and the option agreement for GT102-279, GelTex's second generation cholesterol-lowering product.