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then if by any chance this paper should be still undestroyed and should fall into your hands, I conjure you, by all you hold sacred, by the memory of your dear mother, and by the love which had been between us, to hurl it into the fire and to never give one thought to it again.
He makes a clean sweep of all untidy accumulations, puts all his drawers in order, and leaves no note or scrap of paper undestroyed, save such memoranda as bear directly on his studies.
He pointed out that the executive council of the OPCW in its 78 session, which had concluded recently, indicated that a progress has been achieved in Syria, with only 2% of the chemical materials left undestroyed, in addition to destroying three out of 12 Syrian sites used for producing chemical weapons.
The good news for the lovers of Tulum's tranquil, mesmerizing atmosphere is that its eco-vibe remains undestroyed.
Swimming or wading, in some cases using the footbridges which the enemy had left undestroyed, they passed the canal west and north of Bellenglise, swarmed up the farther wall, and took the German trenches on the far bank.
Even if anonymization could not shield the identity of donors, (517) the analysis in Part V demonstrates that undestroyed samples, even if identified and even if coded, pose no threat to the privacy of donors.
Unfortunately only a few part of the complex has remained undestroyed.
The specimens remained undestroyed after 28 freeze-thaw cycles and the weight loss was only 0.
Expressions (5) and (7) allow making calculations of stress and number of undestroyed fibres under the conditions of composite material deformation, when two processes of fibre destruction take place due to stretching and bending.
disclosed that its inspectors had discovered a stockpile of undestroyed
He inherited a healthy economy with an undestroyed power plant that will now need hundreds of millions of euros to repair, and that's on top of the existing economic problems.
Even at the height of the Tallban's repression, shopkeepers kept a secret stash of undestroyed film star posters that they would barter for food and goods, just as Soviet youths would trade Beatles bootlegs pressed on discarded X-ray film.