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And the result of this undeviating will to reorder the world of Saddle Meadows in the name of the center is not peace but catastrophe.
His undeviating rule appears to have been to breed high quality pedigree stock and to feed them from his own resources.
Its colossal emptiness could be a sign of infinite promise, but it also suggests a chronic scarcity of resources, an undeviating absence that will persist to the horizon or the grave.
Such optimism for the age as Emerson had was also based in part on his confidence in the undeviating process of scientific advance in the century, a "controlling influence of the times.
Sedgwick remarks on "the undeviating Consistency with which Elinor's regard in turn is vectored in the direction of her beloved.
Baker made the corkscrewiest corkscrew look straighter than the most undeviating die, but folk took to him; until he diddled them, anyway.
Just why Harlan gave such undeviating support to Negro civil rights is worth probing.
We catch a similar but clearer glimpse of this view in a passage from Narsai, a fifth-century East Syrian theologian, a staunch defender and an undeviating disciple of Theodore's teaching.
A poem so undeviating, so resolute, before its impulse and its purpose would be extraordinary at any time, but it is especially remarkable now when the daily and reductive hold sway.
They exhibit undeviating concern with physicality and physical well being, even as they reflect and refract metaphorical significance.
But even more to the point, as conservatives never fail to remind us, the Christian Right is a crucial and undeviating friend of Israel.
In her hateful and de-humanizing extremism, her "cold undeviating conviction," she becomes too one-dimensional to be interesting, even as a caricature.