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As the domestic tax system's doppelganger, (76) the treaty analysis does not just circle back to national fiscal policy; it is its precise, undeviating reflection.
undeviating fixed legal principles and, by sheer good luck, happens
But Perth has flattened out, Sydney spins no more than any other pitch and the Gabba pitch for the first Test was so undeviating that in the last two days, only two wickets fell, The Age reports.
Unveiling the logo at a recent press conference, Adana Ahmad Yousef, Bank CEO and member of the board of directors for Al Baraka Banking Group, said 'The new identity and logo reflects the bank's image as a state-of--the-art banking facility that understands the ever-changing demands of the banking industry and strives to meet these demands and foster a long and undeviating partnership with its customers.
An undeviating internal moral compass and an unimpeachable character are traits that build credibility in ways that specific talents or skills cannot.
This old and undeviating position of mine (I am also opposed to the headscarf but that is not the issue today) is being tested or tried as I follow the campaign against the niqab and the burqa in Europe these days.
Trash is not the only prevailing dilemma but at most of the places, graveyard has become the undeviating home of dunkers and the safest place for the business of making black money.
2d 703, 708 (1983) ("We emphasize that the attorney who represents the insured owes him an undeviating allegiance whether compensated by the insurer or the insured and cannot act as an agent of the insurance company by supplying information detrimental to the insured.
For analysts and observers of Middle Eastern politics, the prominence of 'sectarianism' in any post-Iraq invasion discourse has been one of the major developments in a region otherwise defined -- according to Western coverage -- by the stasis of undeviating central themes; oil, the Arab-Israeli conflict, terrorism, socio-economic stagnation, authoritarianism etc.
undeviating Though, the direction taken by any one whale be straight as a surveyor's parallel, and though the line of advance be strictly confined to its own unavoidable, straight wake, yet arbitrary (more or less, as the vein is presumed to expand or contract)
In describing it as "one faultless, undeviating, consistent, consummate piece of acting" H raises it, albeit grudgingly, to a higher level (9:161).