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Economists had hitherto paid little attention to this because of the key assumption of "fully and undeviatingly rational behaviour or, at the very least an unchanging level of rationality on the part of the economic actors" (1970, p.
As the title of this book suggests, there is an implicit connection between the eternal, undeviatingly straight streets of this city and those who look down or write about them.
2) For translations of poetry Goethe insisted undeviatingly upon content, so that the translated text would reach the widest possible audience.
By taking advantage of the growing popularity of travel as a form of recreation, Stevenson was able to reformulate the picturesque according to late-nineteenth-century psychological models of aesthetics to propose ways in which a young middle-class man might enact forms of subjective agency and experience the pleasures of unstructured wandering before being forced to travel on the undeviatingly narrow road to a professional career, marriage, and death.