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And probably mine exceeded his since, for all his turmoil, Hopkins did have a basic solace: a very particular God he undeviatingly believed in, even though that God's ignoring him caused his most flagrant suffering.
As anyone familiar with Rand's novel (or the 1949 film adaptation starring Gary Cooper) knows, Roark's interview with the Dean establishes the pattern that the rest of the novel more or less undeviatingly follows.
What is transmitted undeviatingly is the patrimony.
It told of Abraham and Sarah, people who, the priest observed, lived in undeviatingly predictable times.
Economists had hitherto paid little attention to this because of the key assumption of "fully and undeviatingly rational behaviour or, at the very least an unchanging level of rationality on the part of the economic actors" (1970, p.
Just as he maintains his private vision of Kurtz despite malicious comments, so Stanley held undeviatingly to his own view of the man he sought.
As the title of this book suggests, there is an implicit connection between the eternal, undeviatingly straight streets of this city and those who look down or write about them.
2) For translations of poetry Goethe insisted undeviatingly upon content, so that the translated text would reach the widest possible audience.