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It still looms in my memory with undiminished grandeur.
But the clerical position had not been forthcoming, either for Letty or her, and day by day their little hoard dwindled, though the room rent remained normal and the stove consumed coal with undiminished voracity.
This he did: but being in an excited state, poor Jim had forgotten that his door was open all this time, so that the breeze blowing inwards and a fine thorough draught being established, the clouds of tobacco were carried downstairs, and arrived with quite undiminished fragrance to Miss Crawley and Miss Briggs.
To my western eyes she seemed to be getting farther and farther from me, quite beyond my reach now, but undiminished in the increasing distance.
He was one of the few Siouxes who escaped from the massacre of that fatal day; and for a long time he alone of the saved was able to lift his voice, in the councils of his nation, with undiminished confidence.
Although muffled up in divers coats and handkerchiefs--one of which, passed over his crown, and tied in a convenient crease of his double chin, secured his three-cornered hat and bob-wig from blowing off his head--there was no disguising his plump and comfortable figure; neither did certain dirty finger-marks upon his face give it any other than an odd and comical expression, through which its natural good humour shone with undiminished lustre.
Sowerberry had not yet returned, and Oliver continued to kick, with undiminished vigour, at the cellar-door.
Winkle, senior, was still unacquainted with the important rise in life's flight of steps which his son had taken; that the future expectations of the said son depended entirely upon the said Winkle, senior, continuing to regard him with undiminished feelings of affection and attachment, which it was very unlikely he would, if this great event were long kept a secret from him; that Mr.
In the shadow of an archway nearly opposite, leading to one of the many passages which diverged from the main street, there lingered one, who, having taken up his position when the twilight first came on, still maintained it with undiminished patience, and leaning against the wall with the manner of a person who had a long time to wait, and being well used to it was quite resigned, scarcely changed his attitude for the hour together.
Chief executive Stuart Gulliver will set out the cuts at an investor event next Tuesday as he seeks to reassure shareholders that the banking giant's focus on cutting costs remains undiminished after a series of recent scandals, according to Sky News.
It is the highest figure for more than two years and underlines that the region's skills crisis is undiminished, with over half (55 per cent) of the companies surveyed attempting to recruit.
Jason Whitworth, M&A partner at BDO in Yorkshire, said: "Whilst we are seeing capital markets take a pause for breath, the appetite for deals in the private company arena are undiminished.