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Algorithm: Hub-Spoke Terrorist Network Model Input: Network Size (N), Link density (LD) & Hub Tuner (H) Output: Hub-Spoke network instance Symbols--Definition Hs--Hub strength Es--Evolution steps Lt--Links target LpE--Links per Evolution v--Instance of vertex vc--Vertex count p--Attachment probability NoH--Neighbor of Hub H;(G)--ith in set H(G) LtR--Links to Rewire Begin Let G (V, E) be an undirected graph where, V (G) is a set of vertices E (G) is a set of edges H (G) is the set of hub vertices V (G) = {0} E (G) = {0} H (G) = {0} H (G) [subset] V (G) Hs = N * (H) *(0.
TOO much emphasis is placed on agenda-driven university research and there is insu-cient opportunity for undirected discovery, according to one of Wales' most distinguished scientists.
I think that the kind of thinking has been named to the second type of thinking can be introduced as an undirected thinking.
Some suspects are wanted for involvement in explosions targeting UNIFIL, murder attempts and theft, while others are wanted for trivial things such as undirected throwing of hand grenades.
Researchers have found that the topology of the famous social networking such as Facebook is undirected graph structure.
Darwin insisted that evolution was random and undirected, and understood very well the implications.
This study used a randomized control trial, where students were randomly allocated in their tutorial groups to either an undirected Wiki activity (control, n=4), or an intervention group (n=4) where students were directed to use a Wiki to collaboratively create a glossary of health-related terms.
The word TRBL, shrunk to the edge of comprehensibility, conveys a cramped emotionality, a stuttering, an undirected energy that is yearning to get out--a cry that couches itself in language but seems poised at any moment to break free.
Directed acyclic graphs, and similarly, acyclic orientations of simple undirected graphs, are closely related to posets, and their problem-modeling values in several disciplines, including the biological sciences, needs no introduction.
Among the topics are functional complexity based on topology, three types of network complexity pyramid, the computational complexity of graphs, dimension measure for complex networks, thermodynamic depth in directed and undirected networks, and circumscribing complexity in ecological networks.
More intriguingly, the expression of these two miRNAs is also regulated by the social context of song behavior - in males singing undirected songs.
What ID theorists are assessing is not the probability of God having done something, but the probability of undirected nature having produced a complex specified structure given a fixed backdrop of natural regularities.