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130) We no longer seek to write out a comprehensive formula of harms ahead of time, in the fashion of the medieval application of Roman law, but our class action practice endeavors to provide equality of treatment and predictability in the interaction between the individual insults of aggrieved citizens and the undiscriminating consequences of mass society.
Destined to do battle with Leyland's ghastly Metro and Ford's perennial Fiesta, the Micra attracted the undiscriminating mid-to-elderly market indiscriminately.
More and more you read Major League Baseball, with the capitals, in official publications, in television graphics and in undiscriminating newspapers.
His witticism bespoke the genial religiosity of presidents like Eisenhower (vague expression) and Reagan (vague beliefs) -- not to mention the benign and undiscriminating White House chaplaincy of Billy Graham.
He had an autodidact's undiscriminating, catholic taste in intellectual matter.
Even among such undiscriminating diners, some have bigger appetites than others.
In contrast, Traynor's audience is huge, dishonest, and undiscriminating, "on him like white on rice" (9).
But Madison may simply have believed that constitutional supermajority requirements were too broad and undiscriminating.
If I take a stroll in the countryside, for instance, I may enjoy the sight of the fields, river, animals, and trees with an undiscriminating gratitude for the bounty of nature.
Though saddened by the news of President Ford's condition, organizers of "Strokes for Stroke" hope the attention currently directed towards stroke will help them finish their swim around the world and ultimately reach the goal of finding a cure for this undiscriminating killer.
At school, the young, sports-mad, Andrew Messenger seems to have been wholly undiscriminating in his enthusiams - "I wanted to be top in everything and I especially always wanted to beat my brother," he says.
The influences coalesced into what "Paul called the mind of Christ or the spirit of Christ--the spirit of undiscriminating love" (123).