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When the curtain parts to reveal what was "simply and undisguisedly the portrait of Miss Bart" (141), rather than Reynolds' depiction of Mrs.
The critic Bondarenko, unceremoniously grabbing the first segment from the text cited above and, setting it alongside others torn out of context in the same insolent way, draws his undisguisedly provocative conclusion about the anti-Russianness of Aitmatov's novel.
In early political movies like ``Before the Revolution'' (1964), Bertolucci took sides, undisguisedly identifying with peasants and workers trying to resist suffocation by capitalism.
In Avalovara, as well as in The Queen of the Prisons of Greece, for example, I undisguisedly weave into the fictional context fundamental political problems, engendered and endured in our daily life.
Their wars, initially defensive, later undisguisedly expansionist, were no doubt sometimes illegal - not least Caesar's attempted invasions of Britain in 55 and 54 BC - but they weren't exercises in political intervention or cultural indoctrination.
Warren therefore must go against his early poetry's principle of objectivity and, in a startling reversal, must enter into the poem's action undisguisedly as himself, R.
But suddenly the Germans have taken courage again; they express it undisguisedly, their hate for the non-German.