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Coventry have played ten games this season, seven of them have been away and now that they are at home, would have preferred to concentrate their supporters' minds undividedly on their prospects.
The contradictory language used--particularly as it pertains to the christological formula, where the relationship between the divine and human aspects of Jesus is "acknowledged to be unconfusedly, unalterably, undividedly, inseparably in two natures" (7)--indicates that propositional language falls pitifully short of expressing s uch divine mystery.
It is worth noting that Maja never mentions the flat they had to flee: her attention is undividedly devoted to the exhaustive description of the museum building, its inhabitants, and their everyday life in it, as if the City Museum, not Dobrinja, is her real home.
And as a human word is generated from the mind undividedly, cannot God the Word be generated from the Father without the Father's essence being divided?