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It were in vain longer to conceal from you, Tony, that between myself and one of the members of a swan-like aristocracy whom I now hold in my hand, there has been undivulged communication and association.
And Billy resolutely kept undivulged the cut in wages.
Ginsburg, supra note 7, at 323 ("'Unpublished,' however, did not mean unexploited or undivulged.
Althusser states that Marx's reading "might well be called 'symptomatic" (symptomale), insofar as it divulges the undivulged event in the text it reads, and in the same movement relate[s] it to a different text, present as a necessary absence in the first" (Althusser and Balibar in Dean 30).
now he would take that boy in where he would never again need to stand on the outside of a white door and knock at it: and not at all for mere shelter but so that that boy, that whatever nameless stranger, could shut that door himself forever behind him on all that he had ever known, and look ahead along the still undivulged light rays in which his descendants who might not even ever hear his (the boy's) name, waited to be born without even having to know that they had once been riven forever free from brutehood just as his own (Sutpen's) children were--(210)
Yet, Milton's play on the word "secret" which reverberates through the poem forces us to connect with this undivulged secret.
dissenting) (applauding "[t]he plurality's rejection of an intent-based test" as consistent with the Court's Miranda jurisprudence, and observing that "[a] suspect who experienced exactly the same interrogation as Seibert, save for a difference in the undivulged, subjective intent of the interrogating officer when he failed to give Miranda warnings, would not experience the interrogation any differently").
Obliged to attend to meanings situated outside language, in silence, in undivulged thought, in pitch and accent and smiles and nods .
He says, 'In the great hand of God I stand; and thence / Against the undivulged pretence I fight / Of treasonous malice'.