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Affinity Beverage and Undone Chocolate plan to integrate into existing channels of distribution with a synergistic product line that can be added into its existing platform while adding value to its bottom line.
We are looking into ways to ensure the collar always sits open to display the chest when the shirt is left undone.
Don and Ned dine in a den, and nod, undone [Helen K.
These items, which were slightly modified to reflect a hemodialysis care setting, elicited nurses' responses regarding necessary processes of nursing care, such as patient monitoring during dialysis treatment, that were left undone during the last shift worked because the nurse did not have time to complete them.
Sebastien Lifshitz's Come Undone is the most mature depiction of a young gay male's romantic awakening I have ever seen, least of all because it trains an unblushing gaze on two teenage guys banging each other in the folds of a seaside dune.
But magistrates convicted the married father of two after hearing expert evidence from a police tailor that it was extremely unlikely Chatfield's zip could have come undone accidentally.
In case of an error, all updates made as part of a business transaction are undone automatically, so program code does not have to concern itself with undoing updates after partial failures.
And also, I know they'd make me the silly one with the bow tie, not the one with the shirt undone to the navel.
Lee Dixon (right) recently appeared with three buttons undone on his shirt.
As in life, the detritus of the undone surrounds them; the poems spring from the story untold.
Each of the three called is undone in the presence of the Lord.
As an alternative to the monoliths that serve as monuments the world over, Durant includes a tall, spindly steel scaffolding like that used at the concert, equipped with a sound system that plays a layered loop of "Brown Sugar" backward--a symbolic attempt to undo what became undone, a reversal of chaos that delivers not harmony, but only more noise.