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Public officials involved in such acts as setting standards to limit competition, approving re-evaluation of tender for an undue benefit and changing specifications deliberately or making others do so will be penalised under the new law.
He directed Karachi police to avoid undue use of force and coordinate with the organizers to avoid unpleasant
He said cotton production was 15 million bales which was equal to India, but due to heavy cost of input, undue taxes and power shortage, the cotton crop has been reduced to 5 million bales and Pakistan has to import cotton to run its factories.
Don't try to use undue influence on the courtwe conduct a fair trial over here," remarked the bench.
Given the above computation, it is evident that undue benefit and further advantage to the private respondent WG was given, even beyond what was agreed in the questionable MOA, for which it could not be discounted from the fact that the chairman/owner of WG is a benefactor/supporter, being the godparent of the respondent City Mayor Hon.
The team has urged the federal government to impose penalty on K-Electric for undue loadshedding and excessive billing.
32) In the lower court's decision in Lakey, Judge Yeakel cited to the Supreme Court's decision in Gonzales, and held that despite any finding of a rational basis, the court must still determine whether the Texas statute imposed an undue burden before a woman seeking to have an abortion.
KARAK -- Chief Peshawar Electric Supply Company Anwarul Haq directed the concern quarters to expedite work on the establishment of the Sirajbaba and Sabirabad power grid stations and asked the Xen Karak to waive off undue fines to give relief to the consumers.
An undue burden, the court's majority reasoned, is one that restricts abortion rights without countervailing benefits for women's health.
Paxton explained that the admitting privileges requirement had already been upheld by courts in a separate lawsuit which "correctly conclude[d] that the challenged provisions of HB2 do not facially impose an undue burden.
How Casey Applied the Undue Burden Standard to Life- and Health
Global Banking News-December 9, 2015--BNP analyst says shadow banking in China being given undue importance