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They now traversed a gently undulating country, of such fertility that it excited the rapturous admiration of two of the captain's followers, a Kentuckian and a native of Ohio.
The white men have in the meantime made a rude stockade on the summit of yonder undulating ground, at the foot of which a stream runs, for it is destruction to be too far from water.
There was a blurred rhythm in all the dull city noises-- in the clatter of the cab horses and the rumbling of the busses, in the street calls, and in the undulating tramp, tramp of the crowd.
Project Description ; Undulating Rural Distributer road requiring heavy patching and resealing.
The 18-hole, par 72 and 6,316m course is gently undulating and full of hazards and bunkers defending wide and long greens.
BOLD SPLASH OF YELLOW FOR A GOOD BEDFELLOW ERYTHRONIUM tuolumnense, with glossy green leaves that have undulating edges, and E.
The stunning Visitor Center at the VanDusen Botanical Garden in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, is an undulating landscape of interior and exterior spaces rising from ground to roof level and providing a vast surface area on which vegetation could grow.
Has to be a concern, though, that this sharp, undulating track isn't going to suit a filly who clearly stays well, especially over a slightly shorter trip on ground that is likely to be quicker than last time.
Next, the team varied the paddle shapes and asked Henry to distinguish between the wakes of triangular, cylindrical, flat and undulating paddles.
however, as for as the study of undulating mechanism and engineering technology, little work has been put on existing bionic undulating propellers, which leads to the distance on motion and propelling ability between expected and actual bionic propellers , and bionic of fish (Maciver et al.
Andrew Kudless discusses <em>P_Wall</em>, a 45-foot-long wall installation of undulating, bulbous forms.
to move in or as if in a wavy or flowing way <The curtains were streamers, undulating from the breeze .