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The court also appointed a three-member committee to oversee the work of unearthing of temple assets.
In 2004, Murphy and his colleagues finished unearthing the bones that Hein had found, including four neck vertebrae, a portion of a femur, and almost a dozen ribs.
Unearthing the Past: Archeology and Aesthetics in the Making of Renaissance Culture
center to give the public hands-on experience of unearthing fossils.
Around the world, explorers are unearthing an array of dazzling finds.
Lois Weinberger's weeds thrived on curator Catherine David's "poetic/political" terrain, symbolically taking root among abandoned railroad tracks, unearthing issues of migration and cultural resistance.
Old school" scientists still spend most of their time unearthing core sites and deciphering hieroglyphs.
The unearthing of the time capsule is a fitting segue for Pan Am Horizons as it celebrates 25 years and begins a new era as part of Power Financial Credit Union," added Prior.
Deputies said Church was observed unearthing an object from the sand, but they did not disclose what it was.