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The court also directed that no unauthorized person would be allowed to be present at the site of unearthing of assets.
Smith and plaster-mold maker Karl Kockler get into the swing of things while unearthing a stegosaur.
There is so much else to admire and enjoy in Unearthing the Past, which in effect is a sensitive and elaborate gloss on that indispensable handbook to which Barkan properly pays tribute: Phyllis Bober's and Ruth Rubinstein's Renaissance Artists and Antique Sculpture (1986).
There's more to archaeology, he says, than unearthing royal tombs and deciphering hieroglyphs.
By unearthing these underground vulnerabilities in a controlled, responsible manner, iDEFENSE plays a crucial role in helping secure both proprietary and open source software.
After the Discovery Channel's wild success with such programs as ``Walking With Dinosaurs'' and its unearthing an ancient woolly mammoth (or at least a tusk and some fur), the computer-animated nature documentary depicting prehistoric monsters has become big business.
Perhaps the most important aspect of unearthing the Kelheim of Caesar's time, Wells says, is the opportunity to study its iron-producing technology.
Kelly Darraugh, 29, of Reseda, a mortgage underwriter for a Pasadena firm who's gone on archeological digs in her spare time since she was 12, recalls the thrill last summer of unearthing the partial skull of a North American lion, estimated to be about 30,000 years old.
But Caltrans officials said the agency closely followed strict state and federal guidelines in unearthing the remains.