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The most lyrical passage of the essay, the midpoint of the spiral of repetition of words associated with earth, nature, and unearthliness, is a description of Hansteen guiding de Cleyre through the art galleries of Kristiania, drawing on his experiences hiking as a boy with his grandfather: "He knew the lights upon the snow and rocks, just what time of the year shone on the leaves, where the wood-paths wound, the dim glories of the mist upon the fjords, the mountain stairways in their craggy walls, and the veiled colors of the summer midnight.
Compared to the later novel, romances may still have taken place in a fantasy world in which "nothing happens," as Hamilton believes (288), but compared to the stasis and unearthliness of the locus amoenus of the earlier pastoral, the romance definitely brought Arcadia to the real world.
The unearthliness of the Sun's physical processes arises from its hot, gaseous makeup and especially the ionization of this gas, which makes it electrically conductive and therefore locks it to magnetic fields.