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However, they later subjected him to a search because he seemed uneasy and was acting suspiciously.
Meanwhile, Evelyn becomes more uneasy with the thought of moving away from Summer Bay.
The Southern Municipal Council has made the proposal after receiving complaints from women, who said they felt uneasy visiting the park when it is filled with men.
But rail firms say they look like real fags to staff enforcing smoking bans, expel nicotine and make other passengers uneasy.
Most of all, Kinnear's radio performance made me feel profoundly uneasy.
According to the Daily Mail, Redknapp has only a year left on his current deal and wants a longer-term commitment, but he has been left uneasy by the club's reluctance to offer it.
UNEASY ALLIES: WORKING FOR LABOR REFORM IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY BOSTON offers college-level readers a fine guide analyzing what motivated workers in the early 1830s to work together, considering the social, political and economic pressures that brought them together and tore them apart.
I'm sure they (Liverpool) would have been uneasy about it, we were uneasy about it, and it's probably not the best idea.
As a leader in change over my 30-year career, I can say change equals uneasy, uneasy equals frustration and that equals people developing bad perceptions.
As a War Office pensioner, I'm uneasy how genuine he really is.
Summary: Ask Rizwan Soomar about the number of days he travels in a year, and there's an uneasy pause.
He denied a report that he felt uneasy during the questioning and that a nurse was rushed to his side, saying they were rumours.