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It is not environmetally friendly, is uneconomical to run and people just don't have enough control or skill to cope with the speed they can reach these days.
Always regarded as a vital link in the exploration chain, juniors are exploring scattered little nickel deposits considered too uneconomical for larger seniors and are raising the bulk of the risk capital too.
The Ghost Fleet, as it's called, was once valuable as scrap, but current laws and environmental regulations make shipbreaking uneconomical, and the U.
Many major publishers are now ready to sacrifice the supermarket customer as the deals with the major supermarkets are becoming uneconomical, with some discounts rising as high as 66% this year.
The flights were previously cancelled as they were found to be uneconomical.
Without this measure, air carriers would have to continue to operate their uneconomical air services to secure their current slots at congested airports in the EU.
This has nothing to do with the Anglesey County Show, which does not make a profit out of the hire, but the companies leasing out the portable stables have found their charges uneconomical.
High-risk accounts are those where collection of a delinquent tax liability is considered uneconomical for the state to pursue or the liability will not be paid in full within a reasonable amount of time.
Bombs that old were probably made by the Army and would not fit on Navy aircraft without massive modification, which would have been completely uneconomical and logistically wasteful.
Pricing plans will also likely be structured to make going back especially uneconomical.
A Customs investigator said: "Customs aim to make drugs trafficking uneconomical for the traffickers by seizing their illegal assets and profits all along the supply chain.
The geological soil of Manhattan made it possible to build it, but in other places the cost of tall buildings will be commensurably greater and uneconomical in relation to the renting offices spaces and their prices.