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The technique of heating air without the need of commonly used, environmentally unfriendly and uneconomical electrical heating elements that consume huge amounts of energy.
High fuel prices made the Australia routes uneconomical and the airline does not think the current 80% load factor can be improved.
With Revelations and Intel as shareholders, ClickStar plans to offer the movies for a yet-to-be announced price that "recognizes the value of having a first-run movie in your home, but isn't so expensive that it's uneconomical," says Ackerman.
The new specification would require more fines to be removed to the point where it may be uneconomical to make wood fuel from C&D debris.
DMSMS can be caused by rapid changes in item or material technology, uneconomical production requirements, foreign-source competition, federal environment or safety requirements, and limited ability or increasing cost of items and raw materials.
The Edmonton Journal quoted Richard Norton, NEWPRO's general manager, as saying a Lack of fiber supply, increased energy costs and the rising Canadian dollar made the plant uneconomical to operate.
Sure, coal was once thought to be "too dirty, too bulky and uneconomical," our '80s counterparts wrote.
It is therefore considered uneconomical to use Li-ion or Ni-MH cells for PC data backup as larger sized batteries are very costly.
The farther out a hauler goes to collect the recyclables, the more uneconomical it is to deliver the material to the MRF.
Always regarded as a vital link in the exploration chain, juniors are exploring scattered little nickel deposits considered too uneconomical for larger seniors and are raising the bulk of the risk capital too.
The Ghost Fleet, as it's called, was once valuable as scrap, but current laws and environmental regulations make shipbreaking uneconomical, and the U.
Publishers had become worried that their deals with supermarkets were becoming increasingly uneconomical due to discounts and increased stock returns.