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In some countries, rapid enrollment increases have resulted in a "proliferation of uneconomically small, specialized institutions characterized by high unit costs and significant duplication in their program offerings" (World Bank, 1994, p.
New rules banning temporary seating mean that total will now be slashed to just 22,000 spectators, making it uneconomically viable.
But they are only uneconomically active, elderly people.
Tariffs were kept uneconomically low during the 1990s, while illegal connections continue to cost the companies $10m per year.
Uneconomically feasible combinations may be discouraged since the pooling method, with its favorable treatment of earnings, would not be available to help mask the uneconomical situation.
It is possible that such materials cannot be intimately mixed via continuous, melt-processing approaches, require uneconomically long melt-mixing times, or require high-temperature, longtime melt mixing conditions that result in polymer degradation.
There are 116 acres grazed uneconomically by sheep and cattle and if business booms, it could provide the ultimate in profit from diversification at pounds 250 a plot.
In recent years, some non-OEM converted aircraft have been grounded or uneconomically weight restricted due to conversion issues.
in kind" can lead to uneconomically small lots and underuse.
But now a large over-supply of salmon from Scandinavian countries has pushed prices uneconomically low.
Ford executives acknowledge that if the market for full-size cars continues to shrink, automakers will soon be making too many different models in uneconomically small production runs.