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They were then requested to provide full copy of the unedited film for further review and asked not to release/ screen the documentary till it is approved by the authorities," Singh added.
We will now report on what the heavily edited files tell us about the expenses claims of the other two local MPs who declined to show us their unedited files - Labour MPs Bob Ainsworth and Mike O'Brien.
PBS has offered sanitized versions of documentaries in the past, but typically provides the unedited original version as the primary feed.
THE Ministry of Defence and the PSNI were yesterday ordered to hand over unedited documents to the inquests of 10 people killed.
Finally, a chance to see the new breed, unedited and in their element.
Note: The full, unedited text of these related papers is available in the TAPPI JOURNAL section of TAPPI's web site <www.
I can't find a better word than "soul" to describe the invisible, palpable force that, when we're younger and don't know any better, drives us to make unedited, delightfully eccentric discoveries about the world.
officials criticized the broadcasts and asked American networks not to air them unedited.
Because Greenspan, deep in written testimony submitted before the hearing, had noted that what he verbally called "rough notes" was actually "an unedited transcript.
Resellers can add their own flag to the top (the unedited nameplate reads "Your Banner Here") or delete some articles and replace them with their own news, then output, print, and distribute.
The listing is for 4 1/2 hours of black and white original unedited video and audio of Elvis Presley's last two recorded live concerts in Omaha, Nebraska, June 19, 1977, and Rapid City, South Dakota, on June 21, 1977.
A GOA court on Saturday directed the Crime Branch to give copies of all evidence, including unedited CCTV video footage, to former Tehelka editor- in- chief Tarun Tejpal, who is behind bars for allegedly raping a junior woman colleague.