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North Manual High School was also "off' in its belief that its multi-ethnic/racial, working class students were uneducable.
Teachers who practice transcultural pedagogy do not see their black students as deficient, behind, from broken homes, uneducable.
As a result, the public perceived schools not meeting the NCLB's AYP index as staffed by poor-quality teachers and uneducable students.
She took in many low-income and minority children deemed incorrigibly uneducable by the same government schools she had fled and transformed them into consummate students.
It is not quite clear from the context whether Stowe means to frighten her Northern readership at another example of Southern atrocities (enslavement of poor whites as well as blacks) or whether she sees subordination of an unruly and uneducable class of people as desirable.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (1972), established that the state could not deny education to a child with a disability because he or she was determined to be uneducable or because the child was not toilet trained.
Stereotypes they may hold about the uneducable nature of Black students can act as a deterrent to their nominating Black students for gifted education programs.
Eighteen thousand families, who represented students with disabilities ranging from behavioral problems to mental retardation or due to the extent of their disabilities, were denied access to schooling because they were deemed uneducable (Yell, 1998; Yell & Rogers, 1998).
While a staffer for the Senate Agriculture Committee, Merrigan was completely uneducable about the importance of genetically improved plant varieties to advances in agriculture.
44) Rollo opens by replicating this sense that uneducable nature, bad estate planning on the part of the late ruler, and overoptimism about Rollo's mentality have combined to make an untenable situation.
86) Ajai Sahni, "The Uneducable Indian" (op-ed), Outlook (Delhi), December 1, 2008.
He thought the "irresponsible" wealthy class would grow, as would a poor, uneducable underclass whom technology would render unemployable.