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At a time when few African Americans were privileged to receive formal education, such an enterprise would have been significant in refuting the notion that blacks were unintelligent and thus largely uneducable.
For example, teachers who believe that Latina/o students are hopelessly and helplessly uneducable could countermand the positive effects of a democratic pedagogy and culturally competent curriculum.
Nearly a million children with disabilities were denied public schooling as uneducable, and 40 percent of kids dropped out of school before graduating high school.
These proposed reforms, Manning believed, were not merely symbolic, for they "would be a declaration by the agency to the community of its belief in the principle of employment on merit and its non-belief in the stereotype of the congenitally lazy, uneducated and uneducable Negro.
Under this system, an Islamic boy could demand and receive admission to a Catholic girls preparatory academy, even though testing indicates that he is uneducable and stabbed three other students on the playground of his last school.
Curry and Cowden (1972) argued that slave owners, through a myriad of often-violent lessons, effectively socialized Blacks and Whites that Blacks were uneducable, and that education was for Whites.
Not only white teachers, but many African-American instructors, despise the "street talk" or "slang" as they call it, and often treat the children as if they were stupid or uneducable.
Stephen Jay Gould has effectively explored and debunked Goddard's data and conclusions from the Kallikak study, noting that by the late 1920s Goddard had recanted his stance on feeble-mindedness being incurable, uneducable, or necessitating institutionalization.
Were the first of these principles absent, there could be no possibility of social life, and were the second not part of the very constitution of human nature, we would be hopelessly uneducable.
One refusing to recognize this fact is either uneducable or silently stating that the assailant's life is more important than the uniformed service member's life.
Because persons with mental retardation were considered to be uneducable, systematic training was not provided.