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Table 2 Predictability and unpredictability descriptors used in two PFSM evaluations Musical Factor 77773 Form - Tempo Remains slow Volume Gradual changes Texture Stable (piano/violin) Melody Line Repetition Unembellished Melodic Timbre Gentle Melodic Pitch Rising & falling scales Melodic Accents Add expression Harmony Regular modulation Musical Factor 24689 Form Verse/chorus Tempo Metronomic beat Volume Clattering electronic effects Texture Clattering electronic effects Melody Line Hypnotic repetition Disjointed Melodic Timbre Harsh Melodic Pitch Sudden changes Melodic Accents Energising Harmony Repetitive Bolded words = predictability descriptors.
Contrary to the prevalent notion that English fiddle playing was unembellished, graces, trills, mordents, and the like can be heard in the recordings of earlier players such as Jinky Wells.
Dowlatabadi combines the poetic tradition of his culture with the direct and unembellished everyday speech of the villages.
However, all pieces of information are presented unembellished, allowing the reader to draw its own conclusions.
The lines are lyrical, yet clean, unembellished by fripperies.
It's almost as if the unembellished hand sketch of Osama, with his face erased, tells us that it's okay to let the heinous acts of that harrowing day go.
It is an unembellished narrative of the 22 months that Bob fought to be remembered, to be someone who mattered.
Its anaphoric structure moves from lines beginning "some say" to lines beginning "I say," a shift toward personal statement that draws heavily on a fragment from Sappho, which in Anne Carson's unembellished translation begins:
I had terrible trouble getting a taxi," will not have her fearing for my liver as the unembellished truth of "I went back to a mate's for a few more jars" would.
Cookie Pop delivers all the essentials in communication, multimedia and entertainment, with an unembellished design and uncompromising quality, said the managing director at LG Electronics Levant, Kevin Cha.
He had every intention of giving me the unembellished truth.
I started going to Rogano when itwas an unembellished, no-frills pub, before itwent posh and smartened up its act a bit in the 1980s.