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Mayer places this film, and many subsequent successes for Rank like Morning Departure (1950), The One That Got Away (1957) and A Night to Remember (1958), in the tradition of the classic studio film, with its emphasis on narrative coherence and on unemphatic techniques that allow, nevertheless, "expressive moments" within an otherwise seamless structure.
The line "yet it will be done" is an unemphatic and reluctant statement of faith, but it is a statement of faith nonetheless.
Wanley and Alice are linked with the unemphatic locales in which they exist and which fail to stimulate them.
The unemphatic unspecificity of the disasters in The Circle rescues them from sentimental issue-of-the-weekism.
Marshall's was an understated performance, appropriate for TV, but at times he seemed too `laid-back,' as in his unemphatic `Naked in bed, Iago, and not mean harm?
Less natural flair was in evidence for Ravel's Rapsodie Espagnole, though we were left admiring its earnest, meticulous attention to detail and Jansson's subtle, properly unemphatic movement endings.
348) that s, a lateral fricative, is an emphatic and not merely a voiced unemphatic consonant, as T.
Nevertheless, our reviewers' consistent use of "soft" to describe acidity does evoke the sort of round, unemphatic agreeableness that has made the better Brazils exceptional blenders while relegating them to the more obscure end of the single-origin menu.
The early poems are narrative, more than lyric; they are about working-class and country people, only rarely about Pavese himself; they are written in a deliberately unemphatic, almost prosy long-line free verse.
This realignment is made evident by Meneghello's writing: the "popular" is certainly there, but the "national" is not - or is constantly under the attack of critical disbelief, circumvented, kept at bay by the abstractedness it shows to possess when compared with the solid, racy concreteness of the "local," with its unemphatic, often inarticulate, but infinitely valuable habits, linguistic as well as material.
Perec's achievement, then, in his description of W, is the evocation of a society which, while conforming to the traditional utopian schema of the prescriptive, ordered state discovered at the end of an imaginary voyage, is progressively transformed into the nightmarish dystopian reflection of a real world, the horror of which is only accentuated by the unemphatic, unemotional, creepily persuasive mode of presentation.
For example, when he renders [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (12) as a brief and unemphatic temporal clause, cum fieret, he inserts it between quali and modo, so that, when cum fieret is combined with quali, the length of the entire colon is adequate to the desired structure.