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Chinese cultural dynamics of unemployability of male adults with psychiatric disabilities in Hong Kong.
In comparison, VA's Individual Unemployability decision-making practices lag behind those used in the private sector.
It leads most often to a lifetime of misery, self-destructive behaviour, broken relationships, crime and unemployability.
More recently, TeamLease Services in their India Labor Report 2012 mentions that nearly 58% of our graduates suffer from some degree of unemployability and absence of formal on-the-job exposure.
Veterans living at the VA medical center at the time of enrollment, those with interfering psychosis, those with a diagnosis of dementia, and those seeking unemployability were excluded.
But they have never been confronted by the "perfect storm" (Popenici 2012) of external factors that is affecting the decision calculus of learners and their families today and that may increase in intensity in the future: (1) increasing unaffordability of traditional higher education, (2) growing unemployability and marginalization of recent graduates, (3) continuing changes in marketplace conditions and the possible hollowing out of the economy in the long term, (4) emerging alternatives that can displace parts of traditional higher education, and (5) increasing desire of learners for a blend of real-world, practical, innovation- and entrepreneurship-rich experiences that many institutions may not be able to provide.
Most recently, a provision in the 2006 National Defense Authorization Act authorizes career military retirees with service-connected disabilities rated as total by virtue of individual unemployability to begin receiving the full amount of Concurrent Retirement and Disability Payment (CRDP) on Oct.
The 100 percent may include ratings based on unemployability.
NSO Varela also noted an error in the VA's failure to schedule George for an examination in conjunction with the 1997 claim for increased compensation due to individual unemployability.
23, 2004, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service has paid $53 million in retroactive Combat- Related Special Compensation (CRSC) payments which include dependency and/or Individual Unemployability.
Economic inequality and unemployability are the most critical challenges of our time, and StreetWise Partners is facing the increased demand for services head-on.
31, 2005, (when the claim for individual unemployability was received) for the 100 percent evaluation.