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If we don't get our resident population with an understanding of English, then they become a sub-class, virtually unemployable or stuck in a ghetto.
Jobs for low-skilled workers are disappearing, and workers who would have been able to find something two decades ago are now unemployable.
For example, there are now over 221,000 veterans who have been deemed unemployable by the VA.
They will find something to use to revoke your security clearance, which is what they did with me, which destroys your career in the intel field, makes you unemployable forever.
If a graduating student is unemployable or only employable with extensive retraining, then the educational institution, in essence, has failed.
in math who has spent most of his 30-year professional life unemployed and who can probably look forward to spending the rest of it unemployable, I was disappointed that "Where Ph.
Sony Pictures Classics) Spike Lee directs this comedy about an honest but unemployable executive who donates his sperm to interested lesbians for cash; trouble ensues.
While he skips off to enjoy a life of carefree courting, pizza call-outs and trendy bachelor pads, she struggles with being the unemployable single mum of two angry teenagers with no money and few friends.
This book looks at the growing trend of educators being falsely accused of student abuse, which could result in job loss and remaining unemployable even after innocence is established.
Segregation of houses, apartments, workplaces, and shopping into large zones requiring car travel has created a permanent class of working poor and unemployable poor.
As well-paying, low-skilled jobs continue to be replaced by technology, a growing segment of the population with low literacy levels is becoming functionally unemployable.