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This webinar helps participants identify the most common unemployment pitfalls at nonprofit organizations, including:
Through the F&D articles we learn once again that tackling unemployment is a quite difficult task since there are multiple causes of unemployment, implying conjectural as well as structural problems.
Historically, UI benefits have consisted of three major components: regular unemployment compensation, extended benefits, and emergency unemployment compensation.
The respective time series for these unemployment flows for the UK and the US are depicted in figures 3 and 4.
Historically Kern County's unemployment rate has been in double digits, so to have five quarters in a row in single digits indicates a major shift in the county's economic fundamentals,'' he said.
Chao, "America's unemployed workers and the integrity of the system depend on all employers paying their fair share of unemployment taxes.
Unemployment was falling below established estimates of the NAIRU--and eventually to levels rarely observed in peacetime.
Third, at a given unemployment rate, individual unemployment duration is substantially longer, and flows in and out of unemployment substantially lower, in Europe than in the United States.
Referring to Cyprus' performance, there was a decline in unemployment for the fifth consecutive month with the unemployment rate for men being 16.
4 per cent unemployment in September but Eurostat released no data regarding Greek unemployment in November.