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S9, 76 (1993) ("The Court's finding disregarded the more pernicious effect of the ordinance--the exclusion of an unempowered group, not merely from buying or selling property, but from the opportunity to ascend to social and economic levels already claimed by the empowered group.
The last two segments, the Wealthy Unempowered and the Wealthy Comfort Seeking consisted primarily of relatively young respondents with large families.
1] Everything from false information that appears in online searches and message boards to myths that have been passed from one generation to the next can leave girls confused, unempowered and without the facts.
But his parents' divorce, which wrapped a cool cloak of disapproval around his family, and the subsequent rejection by his own diocese were blows that created in Sullivan a deep compassion for others who were different or unempowered.
International Law Concerning the Unempowered Child Laborer, 24 HOUS.
There are consequences, perhaps unintended but consequences nonetheless, for all who become the object of inept assessment by those educators the unempowered are dependent upon.
But in many parts of the world, they seem to be unempowered.
Closing this gap is obviously a priority and regional experiences with poorly designed products, archaic and siloed processes, excessive charging, unempowered and ill-prepared staff and so on confirm that there is much to be done.
So if we are the majority, but uneducated and unempowered then the nation is in danger.
They were concerned about the lack of communication from senior management in North America and how unempowered they were to change their focus while on the assignment.