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Unenclosed curtilage" means the unenclosed land or grounds, and any outbuildings, that are directly and intimately adjacent to and connected with the dwelling and necessary, convenient, and habitually used in connection with that dwelling.
an active, unenclosed religious congregation founded at St.
uk The proposals covering the removal of coarse fish apply only to unenclosed waters (rivers, streams and drains) and include all coarse fish, including grayling which are often taking for eating from game fishing rivers.
Blueberries in hoop-houses had 2 to 3 times greater numbers of early-season citrus thrips compared with unenclosed blueberries (Fig.
However, he estimated that the value of an enclosed rooftop structure is twice that of an unenclosed area like a simple terrace.
Freedom to walk anywhere is one of the engrained liberties of Norwegian citizens - for instance, at any time of day or night you can stroll through the unenclosed park that surrounds the king's palace right up to the royal residence.
Even if doctors paid visits to the village, health examinations were normally conducted in open tents without proper examination beds or in unenclosed areas.
The findings, summarized here, show an increase in enclosure through to the later Iron Age, followed by a period of abandoning settlements then a proliferation of unenclosed settlements with the arrival of the Romans.
It was a pretty sight, the nine riders abreast, cantering briskly over miles of unenclosed plains, and very exhilarating.
This transect extends 15 m to the west (transect E) and 15 meters to the east (transect C) into unenclosed grassland.
At the Longrigg scrapyard in August 2006, officers found containers of oil, coolant, brake fluid and other polluting liquids which were being stored on unenclosed bare ground.