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Early Colonial & State Acts Protected the Right to Hunt on Unenclosed Lands
Unenclosed curtilage" means the unenclosed land or grounds, and any outbuildings, that are directly and intimately adjacent to and connected with the dwelling and necessary, convenient, and habitually used in connection with that dwelling.
Within unenclosed royal woods deer moved freely, and inside newly felled areas they feasted on juicy shoots and inhibited natural regeneration of young trees.
In Redcar and Cleveland, an unenclosed hut circle settlement on Waupley Moor, 800m south-west of Clay Hall Farm, Loftus, is "damaged because of plant growth.
3725 Iron Gate Road, $20,000 for commercial: construct unenclosed roof over work area (atop existing asphalt).
Despite the growing body of literature that suggests terrestrial salamanders are important regulators of invertebrate abundance and leaf litter decomposition rates, there are few long-term, unenclosed field experiments on temperate forest-floor systems that examine types and strengths of interactions among predators that occur in specific microhabitats beneath cover objects.
In this poem, Emma accuses Hardy of an inability to see her as she was, out-doors and unenclosed.
Judith Patrick, National Trust's Property Manager at Marsden Moor Estate, which comprises around 2,500 hectares of unenclosed moorland, said: "The creation of the path will increase accessibility onto the moorland, ensuring this unique habitat can be explored and enjoyed by all for many generations to come.
longer periods of time than unenclosed (217) marinas (see Figure I(B)).
Romanticism is famous for its obsession with loss: of unenclosed pastures, wild forests, innocence.
Does Councillor Joe Clifford really think that he can stop someone smoking in an unenclosed space?
21) This uncharacteristic support for an unenclosed Irish order could have been inspired by de Lacy's youthful enthusiasm for the Australian mission, which recalled Polding's own childhood aspirations.