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It leads them to define their worth in terms of their possessions, and so to believe that they need unendingly more.
Mesnard writes: "The conversion of the heart, which realizes the passage from the love of self to the love of God, is endlessly questioned and must unendingly be begun over and over again; the highest spiritual life only prolongs the effort of conversion" (Pascal 94).
The vicar of St Paul's Church, the Rev Gavin Gilchrist, said: "We are desperate to find an image of the fountain and would be unendingly grateful if somebody came forward with one.
The character remains a recurring antagonist in Marvel's Tomb of Dracula series, but except for the fact that Angel O'Hara has rendered the undying Lilith unendingly pregnant (an homage to traditional Lil" ith's curse of never-ending childbearing), the story arc quickly ceases to even obliquely reference her Jewish source materials.
Expanding this idea, architecture was the 'visual manifestation' of a perpetually emerging, unendingly redefined notion of the perfect society.
book to "Mahakal" (The Great Time that continues unendingly or
According to local historian Doreen Beagan, he "travelled and laboured unendingly, generally alone, with almost no financial support.
He describes the director's process as one that is unendingly stressful: "A thousand days of pain
Of course, the dissolution of the Indian Bureau was not achieved by the new leadership of the SAI, and the SAI itself failed to survive more than four years beyond Montezuma's 1919 statement of faith, yet Wassaja represents the passion that Montezuma unendingly poured into the cause of Native emancipation from what he saw as hobbling wardship.
Can we only meet in dreams and sing unendingly this heartbreaking song.
My life, as such, is unendingly and irrecoverably bound up with yours.