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It seems the unelected and unendorsed Turkish government is losing on the international front while trying to win on the home front.
According to Richardson, the unendorsed Insurance Services Office (ISO) homeowners 2011 program provides only $2,500 for business property on the premises and $500 for business property away from the residence premises.
His art stands outside convention, unendorsed and unsupported by societal norms.
So the patient team allocation could have two RNs, an RN and an EEN, an RN and unendorsed EN or an RN and a trainee.
So an unendorsed base CGL will provide protection, but it is rare to almost impossible to find one that will not be endorsed to limit or exclude some of the alarm activity of the insured.
Mackay has at least two strikers in Maynard and Campbell who are not short on confidence, but whose Premier League credentials remain very much unendorsed.
also deem it an unendorsed intervention in both the legal and recruitment process and it is understood that construction related contracting
One figure still unendorsed by such propriety, though he has long been a favourite among the horror geekoscenti, is William Hope Hodgson.
The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Wednesday announced 238 seats from the controversial election, leaving 11 unendorsed from the troubled province of Ghazni, where Afghanistan's largest ethnic group, the Pashtuns, failed to win a single seat.
The CHC will then note down all of your comments and concerns and then send them on to the University Health Board, uncollated and unendorsed.
No single shot goes unendorsed by big corporate players and no moment stays unexploited commercially with cricketers, film stars and everybody who's somebody pushing all sorts of products in your face.
The remaining 5 incumbents I'm leaving unendorsed are Joe Allbaugh, a Republican Party insider; Leo Holt, who should be, but is not known to Pennsylvania rights leaders; Lance Olson, who has been missing in action in Iowa for the past dozen years that he's been on the board; James Porter who followed his father onto the Board and is now the Second Vice President; and Dwight Van Horn whom I simply don't know.