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Besides, it was unendurable the thought of retracing our steps and rendering all our painful exertions of no avail.
Black, piercing, almost unendurable, they seem to contain in themselves a remarkable will power which there is no gainsaying.
the Quaker City was unendurable, and sometimes the more substantial
During the daytime, a damp, penetrating, unendurable humidity
At every jolt he again felt unendurable pain; his feverishness increased and he grew delirious.
Ned Plymdale perfectly wearisome; but to most mortals there is a stupidity which is unendurable and a stupidity which is altogether acceptable-- else, indeed, what would become of social bonds?
To have been thus close to safety and then to have all hope snatched away by a cruel stroke of fate seemed unendurable.
He said that he wanted a rest, and Tarzan, rather than add to the unpleasantness which already made camp life almost unendurable, had permitted the two men to depart without a remonstrance.
The interior of a U-boat is about as impossible and uncomfortable an abiding-place as one can well imagine, and in this warm climate, and in warm water, it was almost unendurable.
To him her happiness was the first consideration of all, and his brief experience with civilization and civilized men had taught him that without money and position life to most of them was unendurable.
The widow might fascinate him by her knowledge of the world, her dash, her strength, her unconventionality--all these qualities Clara was willing to allow her--but she was convinced that she would be unendurable as a life companion.
There were shrieks and screams, some unmistakably of grief, others unmistakably of unendurable pain.