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Never has 90 minutes seemed so unendurably long, so bereft of skill and stimulation.
His repartee with Mark Lawrenson (who clearly labours under the delusion that he's an inspired cross between Oscar Wilde and Peter Kay) is unendurably leaden when stretched over 120 minutes plus a penalty decider.
Yet for the most part he acquits himself admirably, proving adept at delivering almost unendurably graphic accounts of the atrocities perpetrated by both the French armed forces and the fanatical moudjahidine, as well as panoramic descriptions of Algeria itself in all its geographic diversity, from the Mediterranean coast to the Sahara Desert.
Mamie now finds Charlie's relentless affection unendurably suffocating.
The days alone in the house seemed unendurably long.
The raw bitterness, deep fury and wounded resentment in these words indicate a part of Head's personal history that she declared untraceable because it remained unendurably humiliating and contaminating, destabilising to the African identity she had forged for herself.
It was not Zollner's spiritualist faith that made the scientific community expel him but his unendurably sarcastic, even anti-Semitic polemic.
At this point the work of Foucault probably sounds unendurably abstruse and abstract.
98) Overly long, overproduced, and unendurably corny.