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Wisdom holds that the guidelines for human life should be issued from an origin whose commands man can wholeheartedly trust and in which he can invest all his life energies, irretrievable and unenduring as they are, with complete certainty and peace of mind about its being in his own interest and without worries about the possibility of error on the part of that origin or his own failure (Surely those who recite the Book of God and perform the prayer, and expend of that We have provided them, secretly and in public, look for a commerce that comes not to naught.
In his maturity, Plato came to believe that ultimate reality consisted in eternal, supra-sensible entities called Forms, and that everything that we experience through our senses is like shadows of these things, images which have some share of the characters of these ultimate originals, but only in ambivalent, unenduring, and somewhat unreliable ways.
Indeed, as the poet recalls a past transaction that cancels present social debt, it is the ethical relation to the mother that becomes illusory, in the sense that it is unenduring.
The line he quoted (misquoted a little) in illustration, was Protesilaus' lovely one about Erebus, an Erebus disdainful of the unenduring joys of sense of Earth: "Calm pleasures there abide--majestic pains.
I see cultural exchanges becoming ever more transitional, frail, unenduring.
No one in Europe knew about this intriguing account of a brilliant but unenduring star until 1846, when Edouard Biot, the son of the French astronomer Jean-Baptiste Biot, excavated it from the old Chinese annals.