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Margaret McCord, who chronicled the life of an assistant to her father, an American doctor in Durban at the beginning of the twentieth century, is also rather unenlightening when speaking about her book The Calling of Katie Makanya (1995).
And if it isn't submitted pictures, it's presenters reading tedious emails from "Mr A of Essex who thinks Gordon Brown is doing very well" or some other unenlightening message.
However, these vignettes of biochemical adaptations and his quotations [sometimes misleadingly excerpted out-of-context] from these primary sources are imbedded in a text that is otherwise unenlightening.
It is boring and unenlightening to approach this issue through macroeconometric model simulations: how big a U.
Friends and what can only be called business partners in the broadest sense fill in most of the details about Johnston's life that are interesting in a pathological kind of way but grow repetitious and unenlightening.
Adam is part of an educational system as tedious as it is unenlightening.
Sadly even the section on the Internet and new communication technology is unenlightening.
gt;> Such views are as unenlightening when dealing with Christian celibacy as when discussing Greek homosexual behavior (61).
To extrapolate from Finkelstein, if successful firms are perchance impenetrably similar or unenlightening in their triumphs, then failing firms vary widely, and close examination of their dysfunction (as manifested in the behaviors of the top leadership figures) should prove instructive for those seeking to avoid similar shoals.
Our "choices" are brutally truncated and their juxtaposition frankly unenlightening, even--perhaps especially--when the issues to which they allude remain in themselves broadly relevant.
With the same candor with which he confronts the inescapability of the ontological project, he challenges contemporary philosophers to face up to the sterility of linguistic approaches or the technically impressive but ultimately unenlightening contributions to the philosophy of mind.