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He and his coworkers have just begun experiments on the simplest case--entangling two photons to achieve a 40 percent accuracy gain compared with unentangled two-photon pulses.
In the making of an ordinary hologram, a beam of classical, unentangled laser light is split in two.
Noting parallels in superconductivity and superfluidity, Penrose discusses quantum coherence as a single state that remains essentially unentangled with its environments, and he discusses the possibility of quantum coherence persisting at normal temperatures.
Sadly gone are the days when newspapers existed as unentangled entities, able to deny even the appearance of a conflict of interest (never mind how feebly some newspapers exerted their independence).
Remind him that he knows where to reach you if he wants to see you again in the future when you and he are thoroughly unentangled professionally (this may take a little time).
It can be obtained that k scales with molecular weight in the present Rouse regime as k [Tilde] 1/ln N for unentangled chains (N([N.
With such molecular characteristics, the PA-12 chains are expected to be only slightly entangled, or even unentangled, in the melt state.
The magnitude of [Lambda] can be determined from Stratton's modification to Bueche's theory of unentangled melts (41)