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She competes from the beginning with the more privileged Amelia, whose school-report notes as her outstanding merits the unenterprising qualities of industry and obedience.
Sutton striker Naveed Arshad came closest to scoring during a largely unenterprising first half.
It was not until Downing's arrival, 17 minutes from time, that Boro finally got on top of what had been a very dour and unenterprising midfield battle.
Anglos considered Mexicans an innately lazy and unenterprising people who had failed to exploit the rich natural resources of the Southwest.
But she does put her songs across cheerfully and that is some consolation for an unenterprising Dandini (Catie Entwistle) who is hopelessly out of her depth.
The Queen displays every quality of the perfect computer leader - she spends nothing, is unadventurous, unenterprising, unexcitable, deliberately slow-moving and, best of all, tight-fisted," they conclude.
Jair du Cochet's attributes must be well known to his jockey Jacques Ricou, which makes his decision to track the slow pace set by Rouble at Fontwell all the more unenterprising.
She's wild and experimental, unlike her rather unenterprising mother.
Crude, colourless and unenterprising prehistorians and their views on the Stone Age of Sunda and Sahul, in Allen et al.
Tornado Prince was given an unenterprising ride, steadied at the start and then settled well back.