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I can understand the criticism of Dettori, but it has to be said the Godolphin filly wasn't helping matters and she looked unenthusiastic in the closing stages, racing awkwardly.
Evidence and experience tells us that employers are unenthusiastic about offering new employment to older workers.
The tepid reaction to opener Make Another World suggested an old hardcore crowd, and punky Paint Nothing met an equally unenthusiastic response.
Disturbed by men's unenthusiastic attitude towards HIV and Aids, President Hifikepunye Pohamba has strongly urged men in the country to act now by going for HIV tests before it is too late.
dollar rose to the lower 103 yen level Monday morning in Tokyo as early dollar selling halted with investors unenthusiastic about actively shifting their holdings before the release of key economic readings and events.
In an open letter regarding the model health inquiry, BFC chief executive Hilary Rivas said her counterparts in Milan, New York and Paris are unenthusiastic about medical certificates for models.
Beth tries to convince a seemingly unenthusiastic Ford (Lloyd Owen) of the merits of a case in which the reliability of fingerprint evidence is called into question.
CA's offering on the Shanghai Stock Exchange earlier this month met with an unenthusiastic response, according to Reuters, forcing the carrier to repurchase 123 million A shares.
From an unenthusiastic account of a Leonard Bernstein world premiere to encounters with conductors and classical musicians in different settings both on stage and off, So I've Heard provides a set of rich insights on musicians, their inspirations, and the future of music as a whole.
Wealthy slaveholders also proved unenthusiastic in volunteering their human property to relieve the common soldier from the fatiguing duty of digging trenches and building fortifications.
If your child is unenthusiastic, introduce him or her to other children in the program and let them talk without adults present.
Groups such as the Gas Processors Association (GPA) and Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) had been unenthusiastic about any new regulation of rural lines.