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Many people think this heavy buy of Iranian oil makes China dependent on the Islamic Republic and unenthusiastic about sanctions.
She was unenthusiastic until my YouTube search came up with the Romanian Ballad of Ciprian Porumbescu.
But the most unenthusiastic cleaners in the UK are those living in Northern Ireland, where a whopping 30% clean only once a month or less
This is due to a range of factors including the usual year-end run-down in stocks, production oversupply, and rising raw material costs, as well as unenthusiastic demand.
Top Gear (BBC2, 9pm) Tonight petrol heads Clarkson, May and Hammond try to impress the residents of Oxford by building an electric car, and they refuse to let an unenthusiastic response deter them from sitting in on the machine's crash test before handing it over to the Stig's environmentally friendly cousin.
I can understand the criticism of Dettori, but it has to be said the Godolphin filly wasn't helping matters and she looked unenthusiastic in the closing stages, racing awkwardly.
Evidence and experience tells us that employers are unenthusiastic about offering new employment to older workers.
When asked about the impact of Safeway's $4 prescription drug program on the company's revenue and gross margin, Burd gave an unenthusiastic and noncommittal response.
The tepid reaction to opener Make Another World suggested an old hardcore crowd, and punky Paint Nothing met an equally unenthusiastic response.
5% of respondents were characterized as unenthusiastic readers and aliteracy appeared to be unrelated to such academic measures as SAT scores.
Despite decidedly unenthusiastic reviews, the remake scared up a decent $120 million worldwide.