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105) Despite his efforts, he was denied a renewal and unenthusiastically returned to Atlanta in 1945.
This decreased desire for social connection unenthusiastically affects concern for others, which will exhibit itself as reduced desire to help others.
At first the weather was cold and wet, and on Tuesday 16th he wrote to Blanche unenthusiastically about this "queer place" (letter no.
Bailey also shared his contempt for internet slang, asking the audience to respond to his jokes by saying "lol" unenthusiastically instead of laughing, in a satirical prediction of the future of live comedy.
However, this study showed an unenthusiastically low rate of applications from candidates in countries most in need of this middle-level manpower cadre.
Unenthusiastically, Melton responded that he would try school for a year "to please [his] father.
Humphrey's reductivist blazons--frontal, symmetrical, and of recherche, toned-down color--inevitably were compared unenthusiastically to the waxen sheens of contemporaneous work by Brice Marden (who also showed at Bykert).
Volcker himself endorsed the final version of the DFA, "but unenthusiastically.
His speech has been received in silence, then repeated unenthusiastically by the Recorder (civil magistrate for the city, keeper of the rolls).
Finally, the Copts unenthusiastically signed a peace treaty agreeing to accept the protection of the Arabs.
Certainly Mrs Sen, the eponymous protagonist of a short story included in Interpreter of Maladies, stands as the most emblematic of those first-generation female characters who unenthusiastically trailed after their husbands from India to the U.
Goldberg's Forward column warns that the combination in the Republican Party of an unenthusiastically backed pro-Israel frontrunner, Mitt Romney, and an enthusiastically backed anti-Israel runner-up, Rep.