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Nor is the effective exclusion of unentitled extractors (non participating physicians and other providers), achievable in most locales.
BCRA would have troubled John in a last respect as well: by expanding the class of regulated independent political expenditures from express advocacy to all ads near election time that so much as mention a federal candidate, it abandoned a "clearly and narrowly bounded category of expression we have designated in advance as unentitled to protection" in favor of regulating a broad category of political messages untethered from their relation to actual harm.
Other policies, such as fining individuals who are found guilty of knowingly transferring guns to unentitled users, can be used to drive up CVU, the transaction costs of exchanging a working gun to a proscribed user.
Her experience ranges from the valuation of raw, unentitled land to tract developments and master-planned communities.
And boot sales form an added source of unentitled revenue.
With universal coverage seemingly untenable and potential reductions in Medicaid coverage imminent, the future for the unentitled ESRD population--the majority of whom are covered by Medicaid--appears to be precarious.
Phil Gramm from Texas hinted rather unvictorianly to CNN that his first choice for running mate was Sophia Loren, then pined that she was not a citizen, therefore unentitled to school lunches in California and unable to run with him.
The other members of Herman Mellema's family were Indonesian, unentitled under Dutch colonial law to any of the estate.
That failure of the State to do its constitutional duty to determine who is eligible to vote and who is not has resulted in thousands of unentitled persons voting in the 2008 and 2010 elections.
As of this publication, HUD does not say, therefore, that such persons are unentitled to the benefit of the secondary market exemption, but it might be an indication of HUD's future direction on the question.
December 31, 2007 (1) March 31, 2007 Loan Category 30-59 days 60-89 days 30-59 days 60-89 days (Dollars in thousands) Real estate loans: Residential One-to-four family (2) $3,175 1,090 $2,320 - Multi-family 575 - 572 - Commercial real estate 3,126 - 272 - Construction and land: Unentitled land - - - - Entitled land/ developed lots - - 17,139 - Residential construction: Single family 14,943 - 3,376 - Multi-family - - - - Condominium conversion - - - - Commercial construction - - - - Commercial loans and leases 14,288 322 167 - Consumer 4,721 212 492 237 $40,828 1,624 $24,338 237 Delinquencies as a percentage of total loans 1.
in millions) Projected Projected Gross Outstanding Projected Category Balance Balance Non-Accrual Unentitled land $ 83.