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The unequalized curve clearly shows a built-in voicing.
Programmable amplitude coupled with flexible transmit pre-emphasis yields reliable operation over high loss and high distortion environments such as 15 meters of unequalized copper cable.
Yep, a room like this is going to cause some serious boundary suckout problems in the middle bass, and the unequalized result is a broad dip with each channel that is centered at about 160 Hz.
CA's PCB is an unequalized, multi-layer board, with maximum signal separation.
Not only had the Memorex tape stretched--all non-metallic tapes stretch--but the unequalized sound was muffled in places.
Normally, an unequalized Hsu TN-series subwoofer is flat down to 40-50 Hz, with a gradual rolloff below that point.
Until now, this small room, with its inter-woofer and woofer/boundary quarter-wavelength cancellations, its massive TV monitor, and its rather narrow width, has defeated every pair of unequalized systems I have installed when it comes to delivering flat, smooth response.