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PLAYERS: Proposed moving $40 million unequally from the central fund to the low-revenue teams.
Mr Biltgen also emphasised the importance of globalisation being "truly global", rather than its benefits being shared unequally between countries.
Data analysis indicated that PhD supervisory responsibilities were unequally distributed both across broad fields and within each broad field category at the university and that substantial fractions of tenured and tenure track faculty failed to chair or serve as a minor member of any PhD committee during the 7-year period.
OWNERS: Have proposed that the commissioner can take $85 million from the central fund - where money goes from national broadcasting and licensing contracts - and distribute it unequally to teams.
They ruled that the JASF (Japan Amateur Swimming Federation) did not treat the Japanese swimmers unequally.
Coppersmith and her colleagues devised a simple theoretical model in which they assumed that a given bead transmits the load it bears unequally and randomly onto the three beads on which it rests.
Phase II results showed that drag and lift forces on the hand and arm are affected unequally by acceleration and deceleration.
In the past, investment and services have been spread unequally in the country.
In Senegal, language resources, like other resources, are unequally distributed.
People who intentionally treat family members unequally create conflicts.
The additional costs are also unequally divided between sectors: very low for airlines, the increase in insurance costs aside, but more important for airports.
This study probes in what ways the teacher and students create unequally successful student-centered mathematics classrooms and what kinds of learning opportunities arise for the students in these classrooms.