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Conclusion: Results of this study prove that the quality of birth services and patient transport mechanisms directly affect the neonatal survival and babies who are born in community setting, transported in unequipped vehicle without a skilled medical attendant are at a higher risk for mortality than the patients born in NICU facility, transported in an equipped vehicle and accompanied by skilled medical attendant.
8220;Billing reconciliation is a problem for online media companies as most back office systems used to manage ad billing are unequipped to handle changes in orders and invoices.
According to the BBC, factories in Bangladesh are in a poor state with walls developing cracks and floors unequipped to bear the weight of heavy machineries.
Although the post's medical unit is unequipped for childbirth, its staff gave the laboring woman oxygen, found extra heating, lighting and medical supplies and even fashioned a makeshift bassinet from the baby scale.
And the Israelis are clearly unequipped and totally unready for it.
Zamzam sent a distress signal to border guard forces only to receive word that the border guards were unequipped to rescue the fishermen.
Bulgaria's President added that the site in Belene was totally unequipped, while Kozloduy, the home of the Kozloduy N-plant, had "networks, specialists, systems, and traditions.
Al-Fadhli said the German government recently granted Yemen e1/41 million in order to help build schools in Sana'a, as well as repair the unequipped ones.
Phillips County, too, has struggled to fix the problem of unskilled and unemployed locals who are unequipped for available jobs.
Ailish Gavin and John Healy have bought a 1947 bungalow that is seriously unequipped for the 21st century.
Whatever rescue and relief was being done was through unequipped and untrained district government with the help of funds from provincial government.
As it happened, around 25 unequipped officers met the march.