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The relationship between the sisters is just as authentically observed; their emotional bond has the supportive, tensile strength of a million strands, despite their constant bickering and unerasable resentments.
It is worth adding at this point that Hofstede did not claim that "mental programs" were unerasable, but he suggested that certain behavior might need to be unlearned while new behavior patterns are acquired.
Many methods exist for this purpose: cryptographic methods to hide information, regulate external access to a system or tag internal changes to its data; filters that permit only a limited set of messages to be transferred among machines; unerasable media to archive information and protect against viruses; air-gapping for a few systems (removing outside access to a nuclear power plant) as well as more quotidian defenses (e.
The crucial difference between these three works themselves is that Esther contains no mention of God's name in any of its unerasable forms, whereas Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs do.