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Not for it the unerring precision of steel moved by white steam and living by red fire and fed with black coal.
Forthwith he sent an eagle, the most unerring portent of all birds that fly, the dusky hunter that men also call the Black Eagle.
Still he was strong of hand, bold of heart, a prime woodman, and an almost unerring shot.
These articles had been selected with unerring taste, and a fresher, prettier image of youthful alertness and blooming discretion was not to be conceived.
They gave him a certificate praising his courtesy, helpfulness, and unerring skill as a guide.
Then the pursuit slackened, for they learned our power and would no longer face that unerring rifle.
Rabbits, hares, snakes, rats, mice, retreated inwards as into a fastness, unaware of the ephemeral nature of their refuge, and of the doom that awaited them later in the day when, their covert shrinking to a more and more horrible narrowness, they were huddled together, friends and foes, till the last few yards of upright wheat fell also under the teeth of the unerring reaper, and they were every one put to death by the sticks and stones of the harvesters.
And, but for the dreadful thud which I had heard over the telephone, I might have extracted some genuine comfort from the unerring sagacity with which he had chosen his night.
The unerring instinct of nature thrilled its recognition.
It is the truest word ever spoken, and the phrase will be the fittest, most musical, and the unerring voice of the world for that time.
He had an unerring eye for the despicable motive in actions that had all the appearance of innocence.
He could spring twenty feet across space at the dizzy heights of the forest top, and grasp with unerring precision, and without apparent jar, a limb waving wildly in the path of an approaching tornado.