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There is hardly a person in this room, white or black, whose natal signature I cannot produce, and not one of them can so disguise himself that I cannot pick him out from a multitude of his fellow creatures and unerringly identify him by his hands.
The yapping cur was still at Korak's heels leading the searchers unerringly in pursuit.
When a foeman came within range of them a noose would settle unerringly about him and be would be dragged, fighting and yell-ing, to the cliff-top, unless, as occasionally occurred, he was quick enough to draw his knife and cut the rope above him, in which event he usually plunged down-ward to a no less certain death than that which awaited him above.
Like other jungle animals he could scent water from a great distance and, where you or I might die of thirst, the ape-man would unerringly select the exact spot at which to dig and find water.
The theory of navigation, which enabled the ships to travel unerringly their courses over the pathless ocean, was made clear to him.
Rob fitted his arrow quietly and with some confidence sped it unerringly toward the shining circle.
And Michael, who knew unerringly how to count, refused to perform.
According to Fabre's observations, which Bergson accepts, the Ammophila stings its prey EXACTLY and UNERRINGLY in EACH of the nervous centres.
Yet it seems to me to require a superhuman sanity always and unerringly to separate cause from effect, achievement from intent.
The interior of Sciadipersia, in which Maserati Gran Turismo is unerringly guessed, is trimmed with leather produced by the Turin factory Foglizzo.
But as the sun unerringly starts to go down on the lives of people who lived through that conflict, and with the state of the world at the moment, it's more important than ever that we never forget.
Readers with an affinity for humor, poetic language, and an unusual narrative approach that uses the form "you" to capture life's subtler nuances will find this novel to be unerringly precise and pointed in its protagonist's journey through the netherworld that often represents the post-college condition.