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Unescorted home leave is the final stage before total release from prison.
She said: "Donovan is on unescorted home visits and Taylor is just about to start escorted visits - it's not even three years since it happened and they're already on their way out.
In an answer to a Freedom of Information Act request, Betsi Cadwaladar University Health Board said: "We can advise that over the past three financial years a total of 20 patients were granted unescorted leave.
In March, a 21-year-old man under a compulsory care order left the centre on unescorted leave and was later found dead.
The unescorted convoy was ambushed in Doma area, South Darfur.
The Zambezi Society would like to clarify the current situation with regard to the recent controversial 'banning' of unescorted walking in Mana Pools National Park.
He became a senior instructor with the British Canoe Union and led numerous "firsts" including the first unescorted group crossing of the North Sea by sea kayak in 1976.
Nellie Bly's unescorted tour of the world in under 80 days - Women can accomplish anything today, but in 1889, the thought of a woman traveling unescorted was nothing short of scandalous.
As an expat working here for more than six years, I chose to narrate our bitter experience to forewarn unsuspecting citizens of dangers on our roads and in lanes, especially when women are unescorted.
ClickPress, Wed Jul 11 2012] Rail holiday specialist Treyn has launched its new unescorted rail holiday product, known as Rail & Stay.