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More recently a considerable amount of effort has been made to address these inconsistencies, which at times suggest unestablished homologies and development patterns, with suggestions for refinement of some existing terminology (Hoffman 2008; Pimvichai et al.
Therefore, hematologic disorders in any unestablished clinical diagnosis should be investigated for PV-Bl 9 infection.
I think it's more difficult for people (who) are new or unestablished to carve a place for themselves at the market, but if you have been around, and people know what you do and know the quality you do, it's relatively easy to get the attention," Stroh says.
According to the investigation version, in December 2007 in conspiracy with Alexey Shirshov, Tashtanbek uulu Kubanaly and other unestablished individuals Atikeev abused his power to gain profit and advantages for himself and other individuals.
The possible place of vitamin D as immunomodulatory treatment of MS remains unestablished although large doses are taken by many patients with MS.
The so-called established miners (Standige) could legally claim all categories, whereas the unestablished miners (Unstandige), usually day-laborers and those who did not qualify for established status although they worked permanently in the mining sector, could at first claim only (1), (2) and (4) ([section] 3).
But even so, the book promises more than it delivers, and Wilson's larger thesis remains unestablished.
Tessar, a team captain, has a strong presence in the locker room, and his rich personality is just what's needed at Chaminade, an unestablished program that has never won a section championship and has long been shadowed by the successes of the basketball, baseball and volleyball teams, along with several championship girls' teams.
This has changed their perspectives, which are now different from those of unestablished researchers.
Likewise, unestablished temporality could potentially explain the counterintuitive finding that poor field and gym condition were associated with greater free-time physical activity in some subgroups; although good field and gym condition may drive students to use these facilities, greater use of the facilities may cause them to deteriorate.
Thomas is clearly too ill to work, but we never learn what his profession was; the father's is never identified; when Thomas asks Luc if he's still a teacher Luc doesn't answer, and this remains unestablished (though never denied).