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65% consider corporate tax avoidance unethical, second only to child labour and human rights abuses, yet 98% of FTSE100 engage in tax avoidance
Condemning the holding of disreputable programmes in the premises of girls' colleges, JI former lawmakers said that authorities concerns should take appropriate action against the administration of those colleges which threaten the college students, who staged protest demonstrations against the holding of unethical programmes in the premises of their colleges, adding that holding of such type of vulgar programmes were also against the Constitution of Pakistan.
When an organisation implements or practices unethical policies, they forget the responsibilty to society and are more concerned about increasing profits.
Geraldine Burton Corwen, Denbighshire IT'S disgusting that any money should be going CASH to firms accused of unethical behaviour.
The unethical practices of the AITA need to stop or we will never be able to play under them with good faith.
Handbook of unethical work behavior; implications for individual well-being.
Vicki Hird, of Friends of the Earth, said: "Burning food for fuel in our cars in the face of global starvation is unethical and unnecessary.
He was sacked by City in a very unethical way and he'll remember that," said Ferguson.
Studies of unethical behavior show significantly more cheating, law breaking, and other deceptive and harmful activities committed by individuals in higher socioeconomic strata.
The upper class has a higher propensity for unethical behavior, being more likely to believe that "greed is good," according to a new study.
The Bousher police station arrested 10 women of Asian nationalities in the southern Ghubra for indulging in unethical activities.
Those who are more creative are more likely to cheat than those who are not because "creative sparks may lead individuals to take unethical routes when searching for solutions to problems and tasks," said Harvard University's Dr.