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Gains were unevenly matched by big losses for four unlucky firms.
The Rail Accident Investigation Branch said an unevenly loaded wagon also contributed to the accident at Duddeston Junction early on August 10.
Problems began when a scan detected the brothers were suffering from the rare Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, meaning blood was passing unevenly between them.
JUST hours after the most recent scofflaw starlet was sentenced, people were already discussing whether, once again, justice was applied unevenly.
In a major speech to other business leaders, policy-makers and commentators in central London, he said that while the global business community had brought substantial benefits, the impact has meant the growth is being unevenly distributed.
A more complex upgrade involves modifying the housing to allow a larger feed channel to the die face and optimizing the hole pattern to avoid circumferential holes, which wear knives unevenly.
The book is unevenly divided between astrology and alchemy, with a greater portion devoted to the former.
However, her argument is rather unevenly developed and lacks consistent intertextual analysis.
To test temperature preferences, the researchers heated the aquarium unevenly.
Some are skeptical of the $117 million plan, claiming that it will raise the city by only six inches, and that the city may rise unevenly and endanger historical buildings.
During the 1990s, the fruits of growth in the Israeli economy were unevenly distributed.
While the mood of each figure stays grave and even pious, a vein of sensuous play runs unevenly through the group, leavening its austerity.